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Book Review: ‘Out of My Mind’ by Sharon Draper
‘Out of My Mind’ is a children’s novel written as a first-person narrative by Melody, an eleven-year-old girl who is limited in her movement and speech due to cerebral palsy. Melody provides the reader with insights into her life and the way she is discriminated against by others. At the
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My Journey From Special to Inclusive Educator
I am a teacher who is committed to inclusive education, but I have not always held this belief. For a  large part of my teaching career, I taught students with disability in segregated settings. These segregated settings were special education classes and units, as well in a special school teaching
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The Definition of Inclusive Education
If you ask one hundred people to define inclusive education, you will most likely receive one hundred different responses. Here are five responses from teachers and assistants when they were asked to describe what ‘inclusive education’ means: 1. Inclusion is about being really safe in a safe environment, and special
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Ten Myths About Inclusive Education
Pervasive myths about inclusive practice and people with disability have been absorbed into education, creating barriers to inclusion through stereotypical views of students with disability. This blog outlines ten myths which perpetuate myths and stereotypes about students with disability. Special schools and classes can be inclusive A few years ago,