About Inclusive Education Planning Workshops

Leanne Longfellow Inclusive Education Planning 2018Who is the presenter?

Dr Leanne Longfellow has a teaching career spanning 30 years. She is a teacher of students with disabilities, an educational consultant, academic researcher and a parent of a young adult with disabilities. She has provided numerous professional learning sessions for educators, presented at Australian and international educational conferences, taught education in a university context and completed a doctorate in education at UniSA in 2018.

What Inclusive Education Planning does

Inclusive Education Planning offers researched based professional learning to support teachers, assistants, other professionals and parents on inclusive practice.  We partner with a range of professionals including speech pathologists, behavioural analysts, teachers of gifted and talented students and IT teachers to offer professional learning.

What are the workshops on offer?

The workshops include but are not limited to:

  • Parent/ School Relationships
  • Maximising Learning Outcomes for Students with Individual / Negotiated Education Plans
  • Meeting the Needs of Students with Disabilities: Ten Essentials
  • Student Engagement
  • Collaboration between Teachers and Teacher Assistants: The Double Act
  • Students with Diverse Learning Needs: Strategies for Educators
  • Students with Autism: Strategies for Educators

How are these workshops presented?

Sessions are currently presented in the short, sharp and shiny format meaning:

  • Short: after- school sessions that are two hours in length
  • Sharp: to the point with hints, tips and tools focused on providing solutions
  • Shiny: affordable, community based, accessible and fun.

What do sessions include?

Sessions include suggestions for further reading that enable participants to build on the knowledge gained from the workshop and to add to professional learning hours. All participants receive certificates of attendance referenced to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

What are the core beliefs of this workshop?

Five core statements underpin the professional learning offered by Inclusive Education Planning:

  1. Education programs require careful planning to ensure students with disabilities experience inclusion, respect, dignity, protection and success.
  2. Parents/ guardians are the first and continuing educators of their children.
  3. Schools require flexibility in catering for different family and cultural backgrounds.
  4. Within this flexible model, structure is required to develop, implement and evaluate student’s individual learning plans.
  5. Collaboration is a key element in planning for successful educational outcomes.