What educators are saying about our workshops…

The speakers were really engaging. I loved learning about something new. It was really eye opening and I am excited to implement my new knowledge in the classroom. Being given notes is awesome. Thanks. I would recommend.

Aimee Eberhard

Workshop was excellent-touched on lots of interesting topics- thank you for the handouts which I will read later. Wonderful presenters.

Janet Hedditch

Engaging presenters, lots of helpful and practical tips. Appreciated the strategies I could imp;lement. Thank you for the snacks and cups too.

Francesca Dieu

Alex and Leanne were passionate about the topic which in turn makes us engaged.

Leah Fox

I loved that the topics covered and information expressed was applicable to all students not just those with special needs. It’s a whole class approach too! Very practical!

Nicole Zacher

This was one of the best training sessions I have been through. Alex was amazing. I really liked that most situations shared an example. The detailed notes were a help so I could listen and not have to write.

Julie Pollard

Full of information and examples, scenarios and ideas to take away. Talk time at the end of the session was good to be able to discuss different strategies.


I liked the theory behind ABA. We use it at our centre so it was great to learn the behind the scenes.

Claire Morichaud

I liked the way the professional learning was presented with strategies to support behaviours.

Amelia Pickard

The professional learning provided great coverage of ABA, antecedent interventions & reinforcement and good use of examples to reinforce concepts that are practical to use in the classroom.

Sue Sandford

Clear and to the point. Relatable to school environment. Do-able.

Marie Foreman

Very well presented. Working in a group at the end to discuss the case studies and practise information learnt.

Olivia Hutchings

This professional learning was a good refresher of the Positive Behaviour Support topic I completed at Flinders Uni a few years ago.

Tristine Bridges

I liked the examples during the slideshow. Breakdown of behaviour management strategies used now and overtime and how they have/ haven’t worked.

Alison McConachy

Easy to use strategies and apps/websites Lots of them we already have in our ‘back-garden’.


Blew my mind!

Robyn Scaffidi-Muta

This made reading accessible for our senior students who are leaving school

Martin Aarten

Introduction to current technologies very useful, especially in relation to text to speak for learning disabled/ ESOL students. Great timesaver.

Di Berriman

Informative and relevant.

Grant Reeves

Informative. Practical. Modern and relevant to today’s learners.

Bianca Topp

Informative. Practical ideas for students with learning disabilities.

Helen Braley

Most apps/ ideas etc. were free and easily accessible.

Carol Lapanowski

Great knowledge over all types of devices.

Kim Z

Practical demonstration of tools available.

Meryka Alexander

I liked going through the apps etc. with Jim rather than alone. Playing with the C pen.

Brooke Candy

I liked the group discussions.

Olga T.

The strategies were clearly set out and identified and explained thoroughly.

Emily Shepherd

The overview was useful.

Anita Ruggiero

Ideas for tackling tricky behaviour presented well. Knowledgeable presenters. Nice mix of chalk and talk followed by group discussion.

Karen Hansley

I enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with other teachers and professionals as it allowed us to discuss strategies to use in different scenarios and offered different perspectives.

Tahlia Fealy

I liked hearing that using reinforcers is not frowned upon-have used in my own class but hearing the positive is good.

Kylie Sumner

Knowledgable presenters. Easy strategies to implement. Practical advice.

Sarah Nankivell

Relevant. Insightful. Useful strategies.

Denise Harrop

I liked the detailed break up of information and the practical examples.

Bianca Vallelonga

I liked having a focus on behaviour and having leaders speaking with specific training/experience and knowledge outside of just teaching/ education. Easy to listen to engage with, follow along, understand and relate to.

Renee Willing

Feeling empowered by learning more to help my kids and other special needs kids.

Monika Anderson

Great suggestions, practical and realistic.

Lucy Bye

The presenters were very knowledgeable.

Zoe Ventura

I liked hearing stories and sharing info.

Wade Schirmer

Alex was very informative.

Brooke Candy

Seemed quite relevant to the work we do. Good information. Very useful.

Gloria Ellis

Really relevant.

Caleb Cook

I learned strategies that I can put into practice immediately with the students I work with. Clear voices and presenters easy to understand. Group activity was so useful.

Evie Hassiotis

It has given me a better understanding of positive reinforcement.

Paula MacLeod

Interesting and useful information that can be easily implemented in the classroom environment.

Bec Saris

Very relevant to classroom/school context. Achievable implementations and strategies- lots of options.

Talia Espoito

Very clear and directed to the learning environment.

Marie Foreman

Very relevant, interesting and well presented.

Susan Bowler

Refresher on types of data collection and how to collect data, meeting others and learning from them.

Catherine Symonds

Easy to understand, made me think about my learners and how to help them better.

Sharon Stewart

I learnt really useful. easy ways to collect data. Good examples.

Leah Draper

Easy to follow information about different data collection methods and goal setting.

Alice Rawsthorn

Pitched well. practical. Can implement immediately. Real life situations provided.

Nina Paleologos

Awesome! I liked the data collection strategies. Thanks.

Leah Markey

Practical skills that I can use myself and give to colleagues.

Rhiannon Maguire

I liked discussing the evidence behind data collection and exposure to the different data collection tools.

Faye Cameron

I liked the different ways to identify language and speech issues.

Diane McSalley

Relevant useful information. Ideas we could take away and implement immediately.

Denise Patterson

Relevant to our everyday issues with speech and language in the classroom.

Shelley Arbuckle

The presenters were engaging and well versed in their field. The information was relevant to my job role.

Kathy Carvell

The practical suggestions for classroom application. Good information into teh research/ science/ evidence behind the way we teach.


So much new information and professional knowledge for me.

Melodie Debrecen

I liked the various activities on how to develop speech and language skills. The instructions were clear and concise.

Tracey Wheeler

Very informative and provided lots of useful strategies.

Danielle Statham

I liked the practical examples that can be used in the classroom.

Jessica Haecker

I liked the strategies that I can use that are easy to understand. Very informative.


Informative, useful, clear and well presented.


I liked understanding the ‘behaviours’ behind the behaviour.


Alex was a wealth of information. Her talk was well ordered and informative. I liked how Leanne has kept me informed with information via email. I liked the format of the notes-glad it’s not a powerpoint presentation- makes it easy to understand.

Cyndi Schubert

I liked the useful practical strategies that were provided. The trainers were well researched and had thorough explanations which would help explain the reasons for strategies in real world situations.

Kate Neville

I loved the variety of the behaviour/ consequence/ reinforcement framework. Very informative.


This workshop challenged me to look more deeply into kids’ motivations.

Gill Reddick

It was great to have three presenters.

Karen Iversen

Engaging and useful. It was relevant.

Bianca Vallelonga

I liked the wide variety of strategies that were provided in simple terms that can easily be taken back to the classroom.

Michelle Burns