Professional Learning FAQ

    1. Does attending a professional learning workshop at Inclusive Education Planning count toward the professional learning hours as part of maintaining my professional registration as a teacher?
      YES attendance at a workshop counts toward professional learning hours that you can record with the teacher registration board. As well each workshop has suggested further reading if you wish to build onto these hours.

    2. Where do I record the professional learning activities and hours?
      There are a number of options but the easiest way of keeping track is by recording the information on the relevant teacher registration board. The website in South Australia is You will need your teacher registration number and create a log in for the portal, but after this it is an easy system as the documentation cannot be lost.

    3. Do I receive a certificate of attendance?
      YES a certificate will be provided to you after the workshop as proof of your professional learning. The certificate will be referenced to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

    4. How many hours of professional learning am I required to complete?
      You are required to complete 60 hours of professional learning in each term of registration.

    5. What if I need to cancel?
      Refunds will be granted with 30 days notice. Registration is transferable to another person if you find you are unable to attend.