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Exploring Children’s Literature to Promote Inclusion
It is helpful to utilise texts that portray an authentic view of disability, but also not to completely exclude texts which do not meet this standard. Promoting discussion about the portrayal of disabled people can both reflect and shape societal attitudes, but it must be done with sensitivity. Focussing on
A teacher is standing in front of a board and is surrounded by four small students. The words 'Qualitative Research = written, spoken, observed information'.
Identifying Research to Inform the Teaching of Students with Disability: Qualitative Research
A regular discussion topic for educators, researchers, and the general public is how to make our schools more effective. However, there is little consensus on what effectiveness means, particularly regarding the education of students with disability. The term ‘evidence-base’ is inextricably intertwined within discussions on educational effectiveness, and this term
The words 'Identifying Evidence-Based Research' are written above a picture of a note-pad, a light bulb and a camera. These are all set against a green background.
Identifying the Evidence-Base for Students with Disability: Quantitative Research
This blog outlines how to identify evidence-based practices from those that lack an evidence-base, or those that have a poor evidence-base. It will focus on quantitative research, also referred to as positivist, empirical and scientific research, which is based on numbers. Quantitative research is the best approach if the research
A blackboard with the word 'inclusion' written in coloured chalk.
Creating a Culture of Inclusion at Keelonith Primary School
Keelonith Primary School is a brand-new, future-focussed, inclusive school in Victoria, Australia that is due to open in 2021. The school is described as a ‘supported inclusion school’, meaning that it welcomes and caters for all students within the local community, including students from diverse backgrounds such as different abilities,
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Inclusive Education in South Australia: Rhetoric or Reality?
On Monday 19th October 2020, I (Leanne) was invited to be part of an ABC radio interview to discuss the education of students with disability in South Australia. In particular, the discussion centred on the education of a five-year-old boy named Nate, who has several disabilities. Nate is starting school
This a picture of the book cover. It has a black and white picture of a woman from early in the 1900s, facing side on to the camera. The words 'Hearing Maud' overlay the picture and are in gold.
Book Review: Hearing Maud
Author: Jessica White Publisher: UWA Publishing Year: 2019 Themes: deafness, sign language, speech, presume competence, disability, family and resilience ‘Hearing Maud’ is a brilliant hybrid work of personal memoir and biography by Jessica White. It is told through the lens of deaf studies. It recounts the author’s experience of deafness at