A blackboard with the word 'inclusion' written in coloured chalk.
Creating a Culture of Inclusion at Keelonith Primary School
Keelonith Primary School is a brand-new, future-focussed, inclusive school in Victoria, Australia that is due to open in 2021. The school is described as a ‘supported inclusion school’, meaning that it welcomes and caters for all students within the local community, including students from diverse backgrounds such as different abilities,
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Inclusive Education in South Australia: Rhetoric or Reality?
On Monday 19th October 2020, I (Leanne) was invited to be part of an ABC radio interview to discuss the education of students with disability in South Australia. In particular, the discussion centred on the education of a five-year-old boy named Nate, who has several disabilities. Nate is starting school
This a picture of the book cover. It has a black and white picture of a woman from early in the 1900s, facing side on to the camera. The words 'Hearing Maud' overlay the picture and are in gold.
Book Review: Hearing Maud
Author: Jessica White Publisher: UWA Publishing Year: 2019 Themes: deafness, sign language, speech, presume competence, disability, family and resilience ‘Hearing Maud’ is a brilliant hybrid work of personal memoir and biography by Jessica White. It is told through the lens of deaf studies. It recounts the author’s experience of deafness at
A girl lies on her back in water. She is gazing upwards. The words 'Everything I've Never Said' are above her image.
Book Review: Everything I’ve Never Said
Author: Samantha Wheeler Publisher: University of Queensland Press Year: 2018 Themes: Presume competence, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), disability, siblings, family and resilience The key theme of this book is to presume competence in people with disabilities because everyone has a voice, regardless of whether they can communicate in traditional
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Learning Styles versus Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
Within education, there is the continual search for ‘best practice’, a ubiquitous term  that has been applied to a range of approaches from evidence-based practices through to untested commercial programs that form the basis of a profit-making business model. Within the latter category, some programs are based on misconceptions about