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The Hidden Curriculum of the Socialisation Process
The ‘hidden curriculum’ is a term coined by Philip Jackson in 1968 which refers to the values, behaviours and norms within the school context that students are expected to intuitively know or pick up through the socialisation process. Many students with language delays, disabilities or diverse home backgrounds are often
Four books
Three Social Skill Resources for Students with Disability
There are numerous resources on social skills that help busy teachers to support students with disability. Here are three  tried and tested Australian programs that can be utilised in combination with each other as each has a different target group. ‘What’s the Buzz?’ by Mark Le Messurier and  Madhavi Nawana
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Social/ emotional interventions: Teaching by rote or teaching by context?
One of the most rewarding tasks for an educator is the successful inclusion of students with disabilities in the classroom by assisting them to make social connections with their classmates. However, some students with learning delays or disabilities experience difficulty fitting in socially with their peers. These social challenges can
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Social Scripts: Are they effective in teaching social skills?
Social scripts/ stories ™ were originally designed by Carol Gray and are short, personalised descriptions, scenarios or narratives that are developed to teach social skills. They were originally designed for students with autism but are widely used for children with a range of disabilities. They have been so successful that
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Social Skill Programs for Students with Disabilities
Children/ students with disabilities, particularly those with cognitive delays or autism, often experience difficulty learning important social skills. This can result in social isolation that in turn limits the development of language and cognition. A vicious cycle ensues as difficulties with expressive language and poor problem solving compounds the social